Saturday, May 28, 2011

doughnuts earrings

Kolczyki "doughnuts" typu sztyfty.
Wykonane w całości z masy termoutwardzalnej.
Posrebrzane sztyfty.
Cena: 14 zł (!).

Doughnuts stud earrings.
Made of polymer clay.
Silver plated studs.
Price: 14 zl (!).


And the special message of the day for you is : the Internet is evil. If you don't want your education to be ruined, it's highly recommended that you ban Facebook, Twitter, online shops and so on... And YouTube ? Don't even think about it ! If it comes to me, EVERY site is worth seeing, having studying in prospect. Generally, turning on my laptop during end-of-term examinations period is equivalent to death of any piece of motivation left deep inside of me.
I hardly put up with myself.  


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MAGARO-art said...

jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem
cuda,cudeńka tworzysz

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